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SSC Agendas and Meeting Minutes



The SSC is a decision-making council for all programs funded by the Consolidated Application (Con-App).

The SSC has two primary functions:

  1. Developing, revising, and adopting the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)
  2. Ensuring that a school meets all federal parental involvement mandates, specifically:
    • The creation of the school-level Title I Parent Involvement Policy
    • The creaton of the Title I School-Parent Compact
    • The development of the Title I parental involvement budget
    • The proposed expenditres of all categorical funds
    • The development of the Comprehensive School Safety Plan

California Education Code 64001(a) requires that districts receiving state, federal, and other applicable funding through the Consolidated Application process ensure that participating schools prepare a SPSA.

The SPSA is a blueprint to improve the academic performance of all students to the level of the targeted performance goals of the School Quality Improvement System (SQIS) and the LAUSD Performance Meter.